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USB Rechargeable HeadLamp

$ 7.95

Why It's Awesome!

USB Rechargeable HeadLamp - Perfect for Hiking, Running, Emergencies, Camping, Backpacking & More

Technical Specifications

• Battery Capacity: 900mAh
• NiMH: 1.2V
Unit Dimension: 9in" x 9in" x 2" (22.86cm x 22.86cm x 5.08cm)
Unit Weight: 6oz / 170.1g
• Packaging Dimension: 9.75" 9.75x " x 2.25" (24.77cm x 24.77cm x 5.72cm)
• Charging Time: 2.5 hours
• What is in the box: SunJack HeadLamp Body, Headband, 3 AAA Rechargable SunJack Batteries.

Lighting Mode Specifications

• 3 Modes: White Spotlight, White floodlight and Solid Red LED.

• Spotlight: High Level - 240 lumens, 50-65 meters, 3.5 hours; Mid Level - 110 lumens, 30-35 meters, 8 hours; Low Level – 40 lumens, 5-10 meters, 40 hours.
• Floodlight: High Level - 100 lumens, 15-20 meters, 6 hours; Mid Level – 50 lumens, 8-12 meters, 12 hours; Low Level – 20 lumens, 5-8 meters, 48 hours. 
• Red Light: Solid LED only. (No strobe or SOS functions.)

  • WATERPROOF & MULTI-USE: The LED Headlamp can be used for hiking, walking, running, bicycle riding, fishing, caving, camping, spelunking, and many more outdoor adventure activities. At home, it can be used for automotive work, attic or basement and crawl-area work, everyday reading and more. A must-have for any home, travel or automotive emergency preparedness kit.
  • DIRECTIONAL FLASHLIGHT: The comfortable headband allows for hands-free use. Adjustable headband clip allows directional light to be adjusted straight ahead or slightly downward. (Can be adjusted upward if clipped on in the opposite direction.) Single button clicking between the various modes and levels allows for easy adjusting capabilities.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: Comes with 3 rechargeable AAA batteries. Recharge directly in the headlamp with a USB cable (provided) attached to any power pack, or recharge the batteries in a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery charger. Try recharging with either a SunJack Fast-Charge Battery, SunJack Solar Kit or the SunJack Battery Charger.
  • 3 MODES: Various Light Options: Two types of white light – Spotlight and Floodlight – each with 3 levels. Also has a solid red LED light function.
  • BRIGHT LEDS: 210 lumens, up to 65 meters, 3.5 hours on the brightest spotlight mode. Can run up to 48 hours on lowest floodlight mode with 20 lumens, and a distance of up to 8 meters.

The SunJack Headlamp is a comfortable, rechargeable, multi-use, hands-free light. It can be used indoors and out, at home or on the road. It contains 6 variations of white light and one solid red function. It really is a must-have for every emergency preparedness kit. The clip on the headband has a built-in whistle.

Being hands-free, the SunJack HeadLamp is great for adults and kids alike. Hands-free means no need for holding a flashlight. This keeps your hands free for walking the dog, holding your child’s hand, climbing or stabilizing yourself on a hike, turning the pages of a book, holding the tools to work on the house or car and so much more. The light automatically shines where you are looking – either directly or slightly below or above depending upon your choice of adjustment.

UPC: 743724208245

Disclaimer: Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes on international shipments. 

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